o        A fibromuscular tube which leads from the vulva to the uterus connecting the external and internal organs of reproduction in the female

o        Runs obliquely upwards and backwards at 45 angle
o        Between the bladder and rectum,anus
o        Size
o        Anterior wall 7.5 cm ( 3 inches)
o        Posterior wall 9 cm
o        Cervix protrudes through the anterior wall

o        Outer areolar tissue
o        Middle smooth muscle
o        Inner stratified squamous epithelium - ridges - rugae
o        No secretory glands - moisture from cervical secretions

Blood Supply
o        Arterial plexus - derived from the uterine and vaginal arteries - the branches of the internal iliac arteries
o        Venous plexus situated in the muscular wall, drains into the internal iliac veins

Lymph drainage
"        To the deep and superficial iliac glands

Nerve supply
o        Parasympathetic fibres from the sacral outflow
o        Sympathetic fibres from the lumbar outflow
o        Somatic sensory fibres from the pudendal nerves
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