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[LF 1012]                                                                                                                                  Sub. Code: 4703
(New Regulations for the candidates admitted from 2006-07 onwards)

August 2014
Paper III Nursing Foundation

Q.P. Code : 664703
Time : Three hours                                                                                                                 Maximum : 75 marks

I. Essays:         (2x15=30)
1. a) Define communication.
    b) What are the barriers of effective communication?
    c) Discuss the methods of effective communication.
2. a) Define oral hygiene.
    b) Common problems of oral cavity.
    c) Prevention of complication arising from negligence of oral care.

II. Write notes on:         (5x5=25)
1. Nursing as a profession
2. Types of health assessment
3. Any five principles of Bed making
4. Prevention of cross infection in the hospital
5. Purpose of documentation

III. Short Answers on:         (10x2=20)
1. Define sterilization
2. List down the types of beds
3. Define blood pressure
4. Mention five Rights in medication administration
5. Formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
6. Define respiration
7. Define flatulence
8. Write any two systems theory
9. Any four active exercises done by the clients on the bed
10.List the stages of grief process

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