The Femur

It is the bone of the thigh. longest, strongest

Head - Articulates with the hip bone at the acetabulum
Neck - joins the head to the head and greater trochanter - forms an angle with the body 125°
Body - the shaft - convex anteriorly
Greater Trochanter -
Lesser Trochanter -
Femoral Condyles - medial and lateral

Head : A pit on the head - for ligament of the head of the femur - ligament contains small blood vessels
Neck : at the junction with the body has intertrochanteric crest  posteriorly; intertrochanteric line anteriorly
Body : surrounded by muscles; has a longitudinal ridge posteriorly called the linea aspera; at the upper end the linea aspera form the gluteal tuberosity; inferiorly it forms the medial and lateral supracondylar lines
Condyles : lateral and medial - the inferior end of femur : posteriorly they are separated by the intercondylar fossa (notch). the condyles have projections called the medial and lateral epicondyles; the medial condyle has the adductor tubercle

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