The Deltoid Muscle

muscle that forms the rounded contour of the shoulder.
Delta  = triangle.
Frequent site for intra-muscular injections.

It arises in three sets of fibers:
"    Anterior fibres: from  the lateral third of the clavicle
"    Middle fibres: from  acromion
"    Posterior fibres: from posterior spine of the scapula,
fibers converge toward their insertion into V-shaped deltoid tuberosity on the middle of the lateral aspect of the shaft of the humerus.

   Nerve supply
Axillary nerve (C5,C6).
Lateral supraclavicular nerve to some extent

Anterior fibres - flexion of shoulder
Lateral  fibres - abduction of shoulder
Posterior fibres - extension of shoulder

Multipennate muscle

   Applied anatomy
Since the muscle  derives its nerve from C5, C6 roots,  in cervical myelopathy and brachial plexus injury the muscle gets wasted.
In cervical spondylosis pain felt in this muscle
One of the common sites for intramuscular injections

Deltoid Anterior View
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