Cubital Fossa

Definition and extent
o     The region of the upper limb in front of the elbow joint.
       Triangular area with the following boundaries:
o        laterally, brachioradialis muscle
o        medially, pronator teres muscle
o        superiorly, an imaginary line from the medial and lateral epicondyles

o        brachial artery
o        median cubital vein
o        median nerve.
o        the median cubital vein most often used for intravenous injections.
       superficial to the deep fascia are
      venous layer
       1 cephalic vein
       2 basilic vein
       3 median cubital vein       

      Artery-nerve layer
       1 brachial artery
       2 median nerve

       Aponeurotic layer
       1 bicipital aponeurosis
       2 biceps tendon

      Muscular floor
       1 supinator
       2 brachialis
       3 biceps tendon

       Applied anatomy
       This site is a frequent site of injections
        Brachial Pulse and Blood Pressure
        When measuring blood pressure the diaphragm of the steth is placed on the medial side of the fossa on the brachial artery here.
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