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Carpal Bones
Carpal bones are the small bones of the hand which are situated between the radius & ulna on the proximal side and the metacarpal bones on the distal side.

They are arranged in two rows : proximal row and distal row
The bones of the proximal row are : Medial to lateral : Pisiform, Triquetral, Lunate and Scaphoid.
Triquetral, lunate and scaphoid bones articulate with the radius to form the wrist joint. Pisiform bone does not articulate with any bone.
The bones of the distal row are : Lateral to medial : Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate and Hamate
All the four bones of the distal row articulate with the metacarpal bones to form carpo-metacarpal joints.

Applied Anatomy
Fracture of the scaphoid bone is not uncommon. Tenderness is found in the anatomical snuffbox just distal to  the end of radius

Mnemonic : proxymal row : medial to lateral : Please Take Lovely Sheela
                     dital row:           lateral to medial : To The Coffee House