The Arch of Aorta
Continuation of the ascending aorta.
Begins behind the manubrium sterni, runs upwards, backwards and to the left in front of the trachea.Then passes downwards to the left of the trachea and is continuous with the descending aorta.
1.    brachiocephalic artery or trunk
2.    left common carotid artery
3.    left subclavian artery

The brachiocephalic artery or trunk gives rise to the right common carotid artery and the right subclavian artery.
As shown in the diagram

Postscript : Note that the left subclavian artery and left common carotid arteries arise separately from the arch of aorta
                    Whereas the right subclavian artery and right common carotid arteries have a common origin from the arch of aorta called Brachiocephalic artery ( Brachium means arm and cephalus means head)

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