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[LC 1010]  Sub. Code: 4701
(New Regulations for the candidates admitted from 2006-07 onwards)
First Year    Q.P. Code : 664701

February 2013
Paper I – Anatomy and Physiology

Time : Three hours                                                                                                                               Maximum : 100 marks
Answer Section A and Section B Separately
Section A

I. Essay:         (1x20=20)
1.Enumerate the parts of female reproductive system. Describe in detail about the
supports of uterus

II. Write Short Notes on :         (4x5=20)
1. Stomach –Position, parts blood supply nerve supply and applied anatomy.
2. Gluteus maximus
3. Describe the major openings in the diaphragm
4. Radial artery

III. Short Answer Questions:         (5x2=10)
1. Mention the types of muscle
2. Name any four hormones secreted by pituitary gland
3. Name the layers of skin
4. Mention any four lymphoid organs present in our body
5. List out the name of any two contents for spermatic cord.

Section B

I. Essay:         (1x20=20)
1. What is erythropoiesis? Describe the stages of erythropoiesis and write the factors
influencing the same
II. Write Short Notes on : (4x5=20)
1. Name the secretions of pituitary gland and write the functions
2. Hypoxia
3. Functions of blood
4. Nuero muscular junction.

III. Short Answer Questions:         (5x2=10)
1. Classify WBC
2. Name any two contractile proteins
3. Spermatogenesis
4. CSF and its functions
5. Female sex organs.

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