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[LB 1010] AUGUST 2012 Sub. Code: 4701
First Year B.Sc. (Nursing) Examination

February 2012
Paper I Anaromy and Physiology

Q.P. Code : 664701
Time : Three hours                                                                                                                         Maximum : 100 marks
Answer All questions in the same order.
Answer Section A and Section B Separately

Section A
I. Elaborate on: Pages Time Marks
1. Enumerate the organs of male reproductive system.
Describe the testis in detail under the following headings.
a) coverings
b) structure
c) blood supply and
d) clinical significance.

II. Write notes on:
1. Describe the location and features of the myocardium.
2. Explain the ventricles of the brain.
3. Where is the thyroid gland situated? Name the hormones
secreted by it. 3 8 5
4. Describe the structure of the inner ear.

III. Short Answers:
1. Name any two Sesamoid bones.
2. Give the formation of Superior vena cava.
3. Write the layers of eye.
4. What are the anatomical lobes of the liver?
5. Mention the parts of Uterus.
Section B
I. Elaborate on:
1. Describe the origin, course and termination of pyramidal tract.
State its functions.
What is the effect of their lesion?

II. Write notes on:
1. Gall bladder.
2. Renin Angiotensin system.
3. Regulation of Arterial pressure.
4. Endometrial cycle.
III. Short Answers:
1. Define cardiac output.
2. Rigor mortis.
3. Placental hormones.
4. Color blindness.
5. Functions of saliva.
* * * * * * *